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Lots of people who own credit cards get caught in serious debt problems primarily because they did not manage debt and credit effectively. While using a credit card is not actually bad, consumers must pay close interest in their credit card use to prevent debt-related problems.

Here, we present 5 bad credit card habits that cardholders really need to stay away from to become free from debt:

Using a credit card on a whim.

Many people walk around with at least one credit card into their wallets possibly at anytime they see an item they need, they just get their card and charge the investment without thinking about the possible consequences. Such a habit can be dangerous particularly if are living on a tight budget.

In fact, consumers must never use a credit card for an unplanned or impulsive purchase for the simple reason that unexpected credit card expenses can ruin your monthly budget plan. If buying a particular product or item was not in your plan for this month, don’t charge it to your card.

Carrying a balance frequently.

You don’t need to carry a balance in your account to get a good score. Although it’s perfectly okay to submit only the minimum due payment for the month, consumers are advised to pay in full or pay off as much as they can from their balance. In fact, you can avoid bad credit if you make it a habit to pay your credit card balance in full each month. You can also save a significant amount of money in a year if you can eliminate interest rate charges from your bill. If you pay in full, you don’t have to pay any interest.

Not checking your credit card statement.

Some people do not bother to check if the items or charges on their bill are accurate. However, errors can occur and you could be charged for purchases that are not even yours. To make sure that you will not be paying for debts that you did not owe, you should evaluate your credit card account statement and dispute errors if applicable.

Delaying payment.

You do not need to wait until your due date arrives before submitting your payment. If you can pay at an earlier time, then you are strongly encouraged to do so. Keep in mind that when you delay payment even just for one day, you get penalized with a late fee. Even worse, late payment can badly hurt your credit history and credit score.

Applying for more credit cards than you can handle.

Some people may need at least three different credit cards to meet their needs. However, before you sign up for a new card, seriously consider whether it fits your needs and lifestyle. Don’t send a credit card application just to get a freebie. Once you get approved, you may find it more difficult to manage multiple accounts and cancelling a card can hurt your credit score.

By Shelly Evans

Shelly Evans is a freelance writer and loan consultant. She specialize in writing articles about obtaining financing despite having bad credit. She has more than 16 years in consumer credit and collections and 4 years in business financing.

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