Mon. Nov 22nd, 2021

Merchant Cash Advance Program

Up to $500,000 maximum loan amount!

What are the requirements?
– Must be 2 months in business
– 500 or up minimum credit score
– $7500 minimum monthly merchant processing
– Up to 12 months repayment terms
– $500,000 maximum loan amount

What are the required documentation?
– Application form
– Business checking account (2 months)
– Copy of driver’s license
– Merchant account processing statements (last 4 months)
– Proof of business ownership
– For deals 75K or above, additional paperwork is required

Who are eligible for this loan?
– Restaurants
– Liquor Stores
– Children’s and Infant’s Specialty Stores
– Beauty Shops
– Women’s Clothing

Which industries ARE NOT eligible for this loan?
– Adult Entertainment
– Collection Agencies
– E-Commerce
– Auto Sales/Auto Rentals
– Diet Pills & Nutraceuticals

Get the financing your business needs today!

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