Finding a legitimate credit repair agency to fix your credit can be an ordeal. We have been online since 2004, and we have seen a lot of credit repair agencies come and go. Some were better at repairing peoples credit than others. But as time as gone by, one thing became obvious. Most credit repair agencies were only addressing one part of the bad credit problem.

Sending out dispute letters.

That seemed to be where they started and ended.
But proper credit repair addresses the 3 reason why people have a low credit score.

  1. Negative information on their credit report
  2. Insufficient NEW trade lines to show the client has learned to manage their finances better
  3. Financial education – teaching the client how to not just improve their credit, but how to maintain it.

Another problem I noticed, was the companies used a “cookie cutter” approach to credit repair.  They sent out dispute letters that were virtually the same for each customer.  Just different customer name and different creditor.

These services were successfully, somewhat.  But I felt if they had taken more of a personal interest in our clients, they would have been able to see a much better and much faster result.

Then about 2 years ago my sister went thru a terrible divorce and her attorney introduced to a credit restoration service.  Which is just a fancy way of saying credit repair.  I was impressed with their service and put thru some of my start up business loan clients that got declined due to the state of their personal credit.   Again I was impressed.

Now we are working with them to help more people get EFFECTIVE credit repair!

    How are we different then the rest?

  • You get an 800 number to talk to a credit restoration agent Mon – Friday 9 – 5 EST
  • You have an initial consultation with your rep and then they send you personalized credit repair letters
  • Credit attorney for situations that your rep feels requires legal representation
  • You have access to all 3 credit reports with score
  • Credit BUILDING services
  • A debt management software you can use to create a budget.
  • LifeLock – yes you get a full membership to lifelock. Why? Because ID theft isn’t just a problem for people with bad credit!
  • A HUGE library of information you have access to, in order to learn more about credit and financial management
  • and so many other services, engineered to help you improve and protect your finances
  • I bet you are thinking wow….this probably cost a mint. Most of the other credit repair services online are around $100.00 a month. We aren’t!

You get all these services INCLUDED for $89 a month!

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