Here are the list of lenders that specialize in providing unsecured loans to people with bad credit up to $35, 000. These lenders will help you to pay your overdue bills, emergency needs and overnight loans.  These are PERSONAL LOANS and not tied to your paycheck!  If you need a payday loan click here.

  • Request a loan up to $35,000
  • Fast and secure form
  • Fast decision – No paperwork
  • No Credit History Required

Program Specs:

Loan Amount Credit Check Credit Recommended
$500-$35,000 See website for Details* All Credit Type considered

Types of Bad Credit Personal Loans

  • Secured and Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit – Bad credit personal loans can be secured or unsecured.   Unsecured personal loans can also be called signature loans and no collateral is required.  Secured personal loans are often secured by things like real estate or car titles.
  • Bad Credit Personal Loans and Rates – Although personal loans for bad credit are expected to carry higher rates, borrower should still research their prospective lender and find one that will give them the best terms.  Secured personal loans tend to have lower interest rates than unsecured ones.

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A person with bad credit score will have limited options when it comes to matters of finances. Many banks and lending companies strictly require borrowers to have at least an average credit score to get approved. For people with below average rating, getting approved for financing can prove to be a big challenge.

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