Having no or bad credit can make the credit and loan search somewhat difficult. What we have done here is list every bankPopular Unsecured Bad Credit Card and financial institution we can find online that may approve bad credit credit card request.

There Are Many Types Of Credit Cards That Can Be Used To Start Rebuilding Your Credit Score

Credit Cards For Bad Credit

On this page you will find unsecured credit cards designed for people with bad credit.  Meaning you don’t have to have a good credit score in order to apply. Be prepared.  Bad credit unsecured credit cards tend to have a processing fee and have low credit lines.  Click Here To Find Unsecured bad credit credit cards and to apply online!

Securd Credit Cards

These credit cards require a security deposit, and report as unsecured on your credit report.  They are the credit builder of choice because you can set your own credit limit (your credit limit will generally equal the amount of your security deposit).  They tend to have lower processing fees then their unsecured counterparts.  With steady on time payments, many secured credit cards will become unsecured after a year.  And your security deposit gets returned to you!  That’s why secured credit cards are our favorite way to help our reader start building credit.  Low processing fees, you set your own limit, you get it back AND sometimes earn interest on the money you use as security!  You should DEFINITELY take a look at a secured credit card if you are looking to rebuild your credit!  Click Here!

Pre-paid Debit Cards

Pre-paid cards are basically debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo on them. These debit cards generally do not require a credit check, which causes some people to call them guaranteed approval cards. Many of them have credit builder programs, which means for a fee they will report your credit card activity to the credit reporting agencies.   On your credit report, it will look just  just like an unsecured credit card. Thus helping you build up your credit profile.  Prepaid cards are mostly used for convenience or by people who have set up a budget and want to use them to stick to it!  If you want to use it for credit repair, you MUST make sure it has the credit builder program. Click Here For A List of Prepaid Debit Cards and To Apply Online

Guaranteed Approval Catalog Cards

Is your credit report full of credit cards with low credit lines?  If you have been turned down for a loan or credit card because you lack comparable credit” merchandise cards can help!  Again they just look like a regular credit card on your credit report.  What makes them great for credit repair is that they routinely give large credit lines to their customers.  Many of them range between $5,000 – $10,000!   Catalog cards can only be used to purchase items from the catalog they are attached too.  Click Here For A List Of Guaranteed Approval Catalog Cards