A business product that sells itself
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How I Found This Homebased Business Opportunity
I found this business when I had a client who just had AMAZING tax returns. As a business financing specialist. I had to know where all this cash came from. As he explained the business to me, I decided it would be a good field for my partner and I to get into and make some extra money.

Making money with essential services

A business that helps people lower their bills on services they use EVERY DAY, while paying us a monthly residual income! That allowed them to still use companies they were familiar with, AND even earn FREE service. We said sign us up!

We become customers first and two days later decided to join the company. We have enjoyed having FREE cell phone service from our carrier of choice (TMobile) and saving money on our utilities. We have been blessed to be able to share this opportunity with friends and family. And even though some decided they didn't feel like they wanted to build their own business, they all enjoy using the services!

A product that sells itself!

Two things attracted us to this opportunity.

1. No one was doing us a favor by looking at our products. We either saved them money, and they became a client. Or we didn't, and they didn't.

But that wasn't always true....

When we showed people how they can get free electricity or free cell phone service w/ one of the Nations top 3 cell phone service providers. Even if we were slightly more expensive. They signed up and took advantage of the Refer 5 for free cell phone service or the Refer 10 for free electricity or gas.

2. They had a lot of options for people with bad credit. In our FT business, we specialize in financing for people with bad credit. It was a no brainer for us to show this to our clients. Not only did it save them money. But it was a door opener for us. They liked that we saved them money and it was easier to not just get them into one of our loan programs since they liked and trusted us already.
And that's what we wanted. We wanted to make money by helping people save money. Not by trying to get them to buy something they may not need. But by reducing the cost of services they are already using!

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