All Horizon Card members are guaranteed to receive our Horizon Gold Card with an initial $500 credit limit provided you are 18 years of age or older, a legal U.S. resident and have furnished accurate identity and application information. Horizon Card Services will not check your credit report! To qualify and receive immediate approval, you are required to have an active debit card or credit card established in your name. Upon final processing, your new Horizon Gold Card will be reported to a major credit bureau as an unsecured credit line.

Upon Account activation, you will receive a Credit Card Account to spend exclusively on purchases available through the Website. Your Account will not work at any other website and has no value other than at the Horizon Card Services Website. Due to the lack of restrictions associated with obtaining an Account, there are nominal processing fees required for each purchase. You should receive a physical Benefit Credit™ or Horizon Outlet™ card within four (4) weeks of your Account activation. If you do not receive your card, please contact: memberservices@myinstantbenefits.com .

Horizon Card Services will report your new Benefit Credit/Horizon Outlet Account to at least one major credit bureau upon receiving positive confirmation of your identity. In order to confirm your identity, you must send Horizon Card Services a photocopy of your social security card. The Benefit Credit / Horizon Outlet Card™ Account does not guarantee aid in building or re-building credit, or the posting of any positive references to any credit report.

Cardholder Benefit/s:

  • My Privacy Protection – Unlimited internet access. To activate your account and view your credit report, visit www.horizoncardservices.com and log into your account using the account issued to you upon approval of your membership.
  • My Universal Rx – Unlimited local participating pharmacy access. Member’s receive up to 40% off of covered prescription medications. Check website for selected medications and changes.
  • My Roadside Protection – Up to 3 service calls or towing requests up to 15 miles not to exceed the operator cost of $50.00. Additional mileage and associated towing costs will be your responsibility to pay at the time of service. No more that one towing or service call is covered within a 7 day period and no more than 3 total service calls within any 12 month period. Service calls include Fluid delivery( up to 5 gallons of fuel which you must the current pump price for you area), Lock out service and flat tire change service with the spare tire that you provide. This service is not to be used for accident vehicle recovery therefore there is no benefit coverage.
  • My Legal Network – Toll free and internet access to Legal resources. Criminal defense cases are not covered under this plan. Your plan entitles you to one free 30 minute consultation with a legal professional in your area specializing in your area of law interest.
  • Courtesy Programs – MyGasWatch and other programs that are currently offered to our member base are done so as convenience and courtesy items only. Horizon Card Services makes no warranty or guarantee of these services and they are subject to change or discontinuation at any time.


About the Author

Liz Roberts is a freelance writer and loan consultant. The website BadCreditResources.com offers resources that specialize in providing loans and credit cards to people with bad credit.



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