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Understanding The Credit Card Approval Process

Are you planning to get a new credit card this current year? If yes, learning the credit card approval process will assist you to when choosing the correct card for you.

In this post we will discuss the step-by-step process of applying for a credit card.


There are numerous types of credit cards available in the market and it’s important to choose a card that enhances your individual needs and lifestyle. There are credit cards which have been especially suitable for students and some credit cards offer different reward programs.

Some credit cards strictly require good or excellent credit so if you have a poor credit score, you should look for credit cards for those with bad credit. It’s important to understand that submitting an application for a credit card that strictly requires good credit will only lead to rejection. Thus, before applying for your chosen credit card, you must first make sure that you meet all the issuer’s requirements.

Read the fine print

You can easily compare credit cards online by visiting a comparison website. Credit cards are usually arranged according to categories which makes comparison quick and convenient. For instance, all credit cards for those with bad credit are listed on one page and all credit cards with rewards can be found in a separate page.

The major features of each credit card such as the interest rate, annual fee, credit limit, and other costs are often highlighted on a comparison website. However, once you have narrowed down your choices, be prepared to do further research. Check out the official website of each credit card that you feel is right for you.

The terms and conditions vary from one issuer to another. Be ready to spend a little more time reading and understanding the fine print. See to it that there are no hidden charges and that all the conditions are reasonable.


Many credit card companies today allow applying through the internet. This means, you can fill out an application form from the credit card issuer’s website and submit it online. Before filling out a form, make sure that you are on the official website of the credit card issuer and that the page is secured.

Keep in mind that you will be required to enter some of your personal information such as your Social Security number, address, and employment details. Submitting a form from an unsecured page will put you at risk of identity theft. A secured web page must begin with the URL https://, instead of the usual http://.

Tips: Tips In Choosing The Best Credit Card For Bad Credit

Credit card applications are screened through an automated process which only takes a few minutes. After submitting your application, you can expect to receive a response after a few minutes or within the same day.


If your application is approved, your credit card will be sent via postal mail after 4 to 5 banking days. Upon receiving the credit card, you will be required to call the customer service number and provide some verifying information activate the account. Once verified, the credit card is ready to be used for transactions.

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