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Springleaf Financial Services – Bad Credit Loan Review

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Springleaf Financial Services provides bad credit personal loans that can be used for any situation.

Springleaf’s target market are

Spring Leaf Financial Services
Springleaf – Lending made personal

sub prime borrowers.  Meaning consumers with lower than average credit scores.  Thru a simple online process they provide personal loans up to $25,000.

For people who have applied for a personal loan thru their personal bank and been turned down, Springleaf financial is a great alternative.

Now when we say they work with subprime (bad credit borrowers) , that means a lower than average credit score.  But one of the things we get asked alot is if they consumer needs to have a job.  As with any type of financing that is REAL and not some kind of scam, you need to prove that you are able to repay the loan..

Personal loans are ideal for people in need of financing for a variety of reasons.  It could be a way to consolidate your debts  or just help you get by till your next pay day.

These types of loans are usually reserved for people who have good credit.  But Springleaf Financial has opened up this same type of loan to people with bad credit.

Your probably asking yourself about the interest rate, and yes its higher than what a good credit personal loan is, but anyone who says they are willing to give an UNSECURED (meaning no collateral required) at a personal loan at a super low rate. Be WARY.  Most of these are a scam.  Sometimes your local credit union may have a bad credit personal loan at a low rate.  But the credit score at my local CU is a minimum of 650 to get approved and they consider that a pretty low credit score!

Springleaf Financial Services works hard with their clients to benefit those who don’t have perfect credit, believing that everybody gets a second chance and another shot at a good financial life.

Whatever you may need, or for whatever reason you may use your loan, Springleaf Financial Services is there. Apply today for a loan that fits your needs.  The three-step application process is simple and fast.

Springleaf Financial Services has hundreds of branch offices located all around the country that you can visit to complete your loan application in person and finalize terms and fees. Plus, Springleaf’s top rated customer service, whether in person, online, or on the phone, means that you will never go without great advice and support from the company as you go through the loan process.

Financial difficulties hit us all, and it can be difficult to have to take out a loan when you are short on cash and have a low credit score.

So whether you need a loan to pay off bad debts, make an important purchase, or do some much needed work on your car in order to get to your job, Springleaf Financial Services is there to help you along every step of the way. Apply online today.  Not available to residence of AK, AR, MA, MN, NE, NY, RI, VT

Springleaf Financial Services

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Springleaf Financial Services - Bad Credit Loan Review
Bad credit loan review for Springleaf Financial Services - they provide a great deal of opportunities for many people regarding loans and financial help.

Ready to get control of your debt? Call us NOW and speak directly with one of our counselors. Call Now: 888-349-5949

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2 Responses

  1. Sharon
    Sharon at |

    Obviously lenders need to make money to continue doing business, but I just wish there was a company out there that wasn’t set out to bleed the poor dry. I never dealt with spring leaf services, but I’m badly in need of a break and I’m so hoping that this will be the company that will offer that. If there’s god out there..

  2. Stacey
    Stacey at |

    I need something quickly before the end of the week or I’m going to be in a serious trouble, one that I might not be able to dig myself out from. I might have caught a break with spring leaf, but I’m not sure they’ll be willing to lend me the amount that I need. I’ve never been so fearful of dialing a phone number. I’m actually trying to muster some courage by venting on this article lol.

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