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Ways to Increase Your Credit Making Use of A Low Credit Auto Loan

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Low credit may be a major drawback for a person in need of financing. If you might need a loan to finance an auto purchase, you may search for lending companies that offer special loan programs for consumers with imperfect credit.

Bad credit auto loans are really popular in the market specifically since there is an excellent requirement of this type of financing. True, the interest rate could be slightly above standard loans however, if you can’t qualify for a standard loan, you should use your low credit auto loan as a method to enhance your credit.

How is this possible?  Consider the following tips:

Make sure your payments are reported.

Find a lender that offers credit reporting service and make sure that your payments are regularly reported to the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, TransUnion). It only follows that you must be prompt and consistent in submitting your monthly car loan payments. If you seriously want to boost your credit score at the quickest time, you cannot afford to make one late payment with your car loan.

Buy a car that you can afford.

You can buy your dream car when you are financially stable and once you are in a better position to qualify for the best car loan deal. For the meantime, it will be better to choose a less expensive car that matches your needs and lifestyle. If you can keep your car loan at a minimal level, your monthly expense will be minimal as well and you can complete repayment more quickly.

As you pay down your car loan, your credit score will increase one step at a time. You should check your credit report, six months after acquiring your bad credit car loan so you can be aware of your improvement. Remember, if you notice errors or glitches in your report, you should immediately contact the bureau and have them fixed as even a small error can badly pull down your credit score.

Refinance your bad credit car loan.

To further lessen your load, consider refinancing your bad credit car loan after making a significant improvement in your credit score. Check the requirements for bad credit refinancing.

Typically, your vehicle’s value must be worth more than the amount of the second loan. Most lenders define a minimum loan amount for refinancing. Taking this step will enable you to reduce the interest rate and monthly loan payments, and thus, save money in the long run.

Pay all your creditors on time.

You can boost your credit score even more quickly by paying all your creditors on time, including your utility service providers and credit card companies. If you have other types of loans in your name, see to it that you do not miss a single due date as well. With regards to credit card payments, you can avoid being late and reduce the burden by keeping your charges as minimal as possible. Fight the temptation to spend with your credit card so you can focus on your important obligations.

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Shelly Evans

Shelly Evans is a freelance writer and loan consultant. She specialize in writing articles about obtaining financing despite having bad credit. She has more than 16 years in consumer credit and collections and 4 years in business financing.

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  • I just want to give your blog readers a little boost. When I first financed my car using a bad credit loan, the payments were high (I took out a 5 year loan). About halfway through my loan, I checked my credit score and found that because I’d been making all my payments including my car payments on time that my credit score had improved and I could get a lower interest rate. The lower rate saved me a lot. So it can be done. But you have to be diligent about paying everything on time.

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