Get A Credit Card With High Credit Limit Even With Bad Credit

Get A Credit Card With High Credit Limit Even With Bad Credit
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Is it possible to get a credit card with high credit limit even with bad credit?

Most people do not think so. Credit cards for people with bad credit are often expected to have excessive interest rates with many restrictions and limited credit line.

In this article, let’s talk about how you can enjoy a reasonable credit line despite your low credit score.

We’ll also discuss how credit cards for bad credit may help improve your credit report by making all payments to all creditors on time and keeping your balance below the credit limit.

Factors That Determine Your Credit Limit

What do credit card companies consider when giving credit? Generally, credit card issuers may give a high or low credit limit depending on the cardholder’s credit score and monthly income. A long time credit cardholder can also be given higher credit limit especially if they have proven to be good payers.

So what can you do if you have bad credit? First, you should find a bad credit credit card with a low interest rate and reasonable terms. The credit line for bad credit credit cards is often equivalent on the amount of your security deposit. Thus, if you need a higher credit limit, you should be ready to submit an equivalent cash amount in your account. Nevertheless, you can always try to negotiate.

When comparing credit cards for bad credit, it’s best to speak with the manager of the company so you can try to negotiate a deal. Some people may be skeptical about negotiating but many credit card companies will modify their terms if you speak with the right representative. Knowing that you will do your best to rebuild your credit history with the help of your bad credit credit card, you can be considered as a customer with a strong potential to be responsible with the use of your account.

Your Income and Your Credit Limit

Your monthly income does affect your credit line. Naturally, a credit cardholder with a higher salary bracket can obtain a higher credit line than others. If you can show your credit card company that you have a reliable source of income, it is possible to ask for a higher credit limit even if you have a low credit score.

Bear in mind that you must provide accurate information when submitting your credit card application. Don’t try to alter any detail, especially with regards to your financial information in the hope that you can get a higher credit. Doing so can only get you into trouble.

Last but not least, shop around and compare bad credit credit cards in the market. Since different credit cards have different terms, it’s up to you to find the one that best matches your needs. If you want to increase your limit, the best way to do it is to improve your credit.


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