New to the U.S.? Here is how to start building credit

If you are just starting to live in the United States, you are probably concerned about how to go about starting to build your credit profile. Unfortunately, foreign credit reports cannot be transferred over to credit reports in the United States; this essentially means that people who move to the United States are starting over […]

Don’t Let Your Parents Become Victims Of Internet Fraud!

The Internet is full of fraudsters!  Everyone knows it, and people who use the internet regularly have learned to avoid the most common online scams.  Unfortunately scammers have learned that while their tricks may not work on the average internet user.  They will work on an elderly person.  Here are a few tips you can […]

The Cost of Bad Habits

Bad habits are going to cost you a lot of money. Most people don’t even realize that some of their indulgent behaviors are costing them so much money. We’ll discuss a few common habits and estimated costs associated with them, and you can decide for yourself how much better your finances and investments might fare […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Giving Up Your Credit Card

Most of us have a credit card.  For some this is an easy way to pay for things and build credit. For others, a credit card is the only way to afford certain things we need. Ask yourself what would happen if you didn’t have a credit card! Obviously, for most of us, there would […]

What Is Your Credit Score and Why Does It Matter?

What is a Credit Score? A technical definition is going to tell you that your credit score is a three digit number that is generated using a complex algorithm using information from your financial history. The idea is that this number is useful in predicting your future financial behaviors based on your past financial behaviors. […]

Picking and Choosing Your Insurance

While insurance can be a great safety net for your home, health, and other valuable items, you aren’t always going to get your money’s worth. Don’t let yourself get talked into certain types of insurance just because the salesman fills your head full of fears. Sometimes it will end up costing you more in the […]

Saving Money to get out of Debt

Many of us have felt the wrath of the recession and faltering economy. As credit card bills, school loans, home and car loans, and everyday expenses add up, your debt may seem overwhelming. It can easily rise to staggering figures.  In a time when more than half of all Americans are in credit card and […]