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We have been involved in all aspects of bad credit financing. Our staff consist of former bill collectors, credit repair specialist and loan officers who know what banks and financial institutions are looking for when they are reviewing loan and credit card applications.

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Ryan F.

“ has really helped me with all of the road blocks brought on by my bad credit. I was finally able to understand what my options were and how to go about getting the loan I needed. It really was a breath of fresh air and now I have them bookmarked and they are my ‘go-to’ when I need help. Thanks a ton!”

Ryan F.

Sandr M.

“Knowing the difference between a secured loan and an unsecured loan will make a huge difference when it comes to getting the money that you need. I learned this first-hand and because of, I was able get the loan that I needed to fix my car. I’m so thankful I found them, and now I’m in the process of fixing my credit too. I would recommend this site to anyone.”

Sandr M.

Mitchell K.

“I needed a credit card to be able to take my family on vacation, but I kept getting denied because of my bad credit. Not only that, but every time that I applied for one, it was a mark against my already disasterous credit score. Without a card, I couldn’t book our flights, book our hotel room, rent a car, buy the admission tickets online, and didn’t feel safe going on vacation with a pocket full of cash. I almost lost hope until I found Because of them, I learned what my best options were and was able to get the card that I needed. Thank you, badcreditresources! We leave for the Sunshine State next week!”

Mitchell K.

Sheila B.

“I was at the point of never answering my phone for anyone, I knew this needed to change but felt like I was so far in a hole I wouldn’t be getting back out. Thankfully someone suggested your site to me and now I’m starting to get back on track! is a great site that helps you find all the info you need to start getting your credit repaired. They helped me find a loan provider way easier than I thought it was going to be! Thanks so much and keep up the good work! Sheila B. ”

Sheila B. will help you take back control over your financial life!