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denied credit due to bad creditHaving bad credit is not only a financial burden but an emotional one.  Applying for a credit card or loan tends to make some peoples anxiety levels go up because the fear of rejection is very real.   When your credit score is lower than the normal, then you need to do a lot of research of your lenders BEFORE you apply.

That’s where we come in.

We, ourselves help bad credit business owners obtain equipment financing thru our network of lenders.  We have been doing this since 1997.  We know how to get bad credit borrowers approved.

But a lot of our clients told us about how much difficulty they had in finding consumer loans and financing companies that cater to people with bad credit.

So we created this site.   We have researched all the companies on this site and all of them work with people with less than perfect credit.

Credit Repair Information

We have also written a LOT of articles on do it yourself credit repair.  And we also give tips thru our mailing list…so please feel free to join!

Professional Credit Repair

If you are not a DIY type.  We can also put you in touch with the professional credit repaircredit repair agency that our business clients go thru in order to improve their personal credit to a point where they can obtain financing.

On this site you will find information on:

  • Credit Card Banks that will finance bad credit
  • Finance companies that give bad credit personal loans
  • Do it yourself credit repair articles
  • Professional credit repair

If you have questions, please feel free to use the contact form on this site or message us on Facebook!

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